Energy Performance Certificates

Energy Performance Certificates are now - required by law.

Whether you`re building a new house, which you will your be required to obtain a SAP report and all existing properties will be required to have a RDSAP better known has Energy performance certificate  (EPC) when renting or selling your home.

All landlords will have to produce an energy report to any potential tenant who rents their property.

All estate agents will need to produce this with all their marketing property details when advertising a property which requires an energy performance certificate.

Energy Performance Certificates

The graph reflects rating from A to G, which reflect how energy efficient your property is, A being excellent rating and G being poor. If the property, for instance, is an F you could implement energy saving measures to the property to make it more energy efficient and reduce those dreaded energy bills.

Energy Performance Recommendations

On the energy performance graph, it states clearly at the top of the graph current and potential and gives you the opportunity implement energy saving measures making the energy performance of that property warmer and more energy efficient.
No insulation in the loft - by adding 250mm of insulation to loft would give an increased rating. Would you go out with your wooly hat in the winter?
Replacing an old system boiler with an A rated condensing boiler would make a great difference help reduce those bills and using less energy.


Energy Performance Certificates

Save Money On Your Utility Bills

Let`s stop for one second and assume you are a home owner or a tenant. 
In both cases, an Energy Performance Certificate will generate recommendations which will result in suggestions on how to save money on your bills. And it costs just around £50 for a 2 bedroom property. If you ask me, I would be looking at this as a potential investment - as if I will reduce my monthly bill by £10 due to changing my energy consumption - reducing it to a better band - in a year, I`d be looking at £120 of savings. This will fully cover the £50 paid for the certificate in the first instance and will then result in bonus extra money. And the savings will continue in the second, third year and so on. 
Want more information on how you can make your home more energy efficient please go to:
Which will give energy saving advice, on loft insulation cavity and wall insulation, damp and condensation issues etc.

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